and so it begins…



hello! thank you for being here. gonna start this off by saying that i’m going through a no capitalization period in my life.. so please don’t let that discourage you. i was a journalism major and i feel like this is my way or rebelling or some shit. stick with me, i’ll get over it soon ha.

but anyways, thank you for being here. i’m really only talking to myself right now because no one knows about this but hopefully one day will make it into a web series or some fancy cw show where they make all the characters 16 year old white kids :).

i’m sure you’ve read my about me section (that has yet to be written.. just thinking ahead) and know about me, but let me tell you a little.

i’m a mid 20’s black girl who likes smoking and has incredibly bad luck when it comes to dating. i love music and sports and sometimes drugs that aren’t weed, except coke; that’s some shit i will never do. i like to think the d.a.r.e. program kinda worked? my single lifestyle has afforded me the opportunity to move around since undergrad.

during this time i’ve lived in four cities, gotten my masters and gone to tons of music festivals. i’ve ramped up on my smoking. grown the balls to find my own dealers and gone on countless amount of pointless dates. well, not pointless because the stories are mostly amazing. but more on that later.

i’m here to be honest and open and let all you 20 year olds know that life won’t be perfect. sometimes you’ll fuck up. sometimes you’ll just fuck the wrong person. sometimes you’ll get your heart broken. & sometimes you’ll just be broke. but life.goes.on.

sometimes i’ll talk about music, and sometimes i’ll tell you about another bad date.

not sure where this is going to take me, but thank you for taking this journey with me, really. whether i know you personally or you found this link under some message board, i hope you enjoy your time here and return one day.